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Are you a teamplayer who is dedicated to getting results for your employer & your employer's vision for business success?

If you are a teamplayer who can move fast in a rapid paced office, can stand behind company ideas that can accelerate business, can take smart risks within the company business philosophy under the company's leadership while delivering the unexpected, and think you could help us expand, improve, and deliver big successes of our own, it's time to join our team.



Job Positions


Winning Smiles Dentistry by Blado Dental Clinic Ltd


Receptionist --- Closed Positon --- Position Filled

Human Resources --- Closed Position --- Position Filled 

Treatment Room Assistant --- Closed Position --- Position Filled 

Office & Marketing Administrator --- Closed Position --- Position Filled

Hygienists --- Closed Position --- Not Taking Applications at This Time

Dentists --- Closed Postion --- Not Taking Applications at This Time

Practice Management --- Closed Position --- Position Filled

Dental Assistant --- Closed Position --- Position Filled




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 Treatment Room Assistant Requirements






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