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Tomah, WI





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"This is the Best Dental Clinic I have ever been in.  Outstanding staff and dentist!"  AR

"Great job!" CH

"Great care, great people!" SR

"I have saved and saved for this moment, Thank You WSD for the wonderful smile.

I LOVE my Snap On Smile" LP


"I just love my husband's new smile since he's seen Dr. Blado at Winning Smiles Dentistry. He's always receiving compliments on his beautiful smile." CKY

"I found the office to be very up to date with technology.  Staff is very knowledgeable and polite!  I finally have 2 front teeth that match and NO pain to have it done.  I can smile! What a Thrill!!" LE

"Dear Winning Smiles Dentistry; Dr. Jim Rocks!" JL

"Awesome! no pain, no more partial.  Now I have something to smile about!  Eating is easier also.  Thanks so much for a wonderful, simple, painfree procedure and saving my own teeth at the same time."  CA

"Great People, Great Service.  Excellent and Courtsey Staff." JS 

"To the Winning Smiles Staff.  Hello, I had a toothache in the lower right hand side of my mouth.  I was going to have it removed to get rid of the pain but the girls and the good doctor changed my mind and I thank you.  I just recently got two cavities refilled and my front tooth fixed.  Now I can smile again. Thanks once again." Yours truly, PT


"It's reassuring to know the Winning Smiles Dentistry Team is researching quality products and services for my mouth.  I can make my dental health choices with confidence."  KC


"Doc Jim's dental health excellence dentistry is great.  Thanks to Doc and the Smiles Team, my family and I are now partners for healthy mouths.  The Smiles Team showed us how we didn't have to live with dental disease in our mouths any longer.  See Doc Jim if you want total dental health."  LLE
"Dear Doc, I feel you are taking me by the hand and saying, 'Here, look...this is how you can have optimal dental health!'  You really explain every aspect of dental health excellence so well.  Thanks for helping me be secure in my dental health.  No other educational forum is in your league."  HB
"A heartfelt thank you for your complete dental care.  I can finally make informed decisions and I am beginning to understand a little how dental disease works, the basic how-to's of having a healthy mouth.  I can't begin - and don't need - to tell you what a difference that makes!"  SAE